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ModelGeo develops software for 3D display, property analysis and modeling, with specialist applications for petroleum geology and geophysics 

3D display, property analysis and modeling

Geocap 8 with the ModelGeo toolbox Base module plugin is a general purpose mathematical software. Excellent 3D display and analysis features makes it the natural choice for 3D property modeling.

Depth Conversion with quantified uncertainty

The Depth Conversion module finds a best case and constructs an Uncertainty Cube from which P10 - P50 - P90 depth can be extracted. It is used in well prognosis, prospect evaluation and field development.

Regional Velocity Modeling for depth conversion

The Velocity Modeling (VMOD) module is a new and improved version of the world leading hiQbe® software, which is used to make local and regional velocity models for depth conversion.

Velocity Inversion for lithology, porosity, pore pressure, uplift

Inversion of velocity and/or impedance data, using a normal compaction rock physics model. Used for lithology and porosity prediction in play and prospect evaluation, pore pressure prediction in well planning, and for uplift/erosion estimation in basin modeling.

Training and support

ModelGeo provides full training and support services for Geocap 8 and the ModelGeo toolbox.

Application Development

Development of geo-applications to support specialist services is a central part of our business strategy. This is also offered as a commercial service. Geocap, with its extensive toolbox, is the preferred development platform.

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