ModelGeo provides geophysical and geological services for oil and gas exploration and field development

Velocity Inversion

Seismic inversion for lithology, porosity, pore pressure (geohazards), uplift and erosion using high resolution velocities. New method especially suited for broadband data, very promising results from pilot studies 2017 - 2018. 

Basin Modeling

Petroleum systems analysis with emphasis on better source prediction for marginal prospects, as presented in the London AAPG/ICE conference in October 2017. This service is provided in cooperation with Pegis AS.

Velocity Modeling

Redetermination quality QC and preparation of velocity data, including velocity log calibration. High quality field scale and regional velocity models for depth conversion and seismic processing.

Application Development

Development of geo-applications to support specialist services is a central part of our business strategy. This is also offered as a commercial service. Geocap, with its extensive toolbox, is the preferred development platform.

Depth Conversion

Specialist depth conversion service for prospect evaluation, field development, IOR studies and redetermination. Depth conversion is an important input to investment decisions, we have the experience and expertise to do it right.


Together with partners we provide individual consultants and teams covering all areas of geophysics, geology and reservoir engineering. We are unitisation and redetermination specialists.